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Help protect 20mph limits around your home

Green councillors are calling for help from Bristol residents to protect the 20mph limits around their homes by responding to the Council’s 20mph review. The online consultation identifies a number of roads in each area for review.

Green councillor for Southville, Charlie Bolton says:

“If you care about safer roads, we need you to take action now. To protect 20mph around your home you just need to log on to the Council’s online consultation, look at the roads that are under review in your area and tell the Council you want to keep 20mph on these roads. It takes just 5 minutes but is crucial for road safety across our city. If you are not sure which ward you live in you can check on the council’s ward finder page.” 

“We know from a recent report from UWE that 20mph saves lives, cuts both serious and less serious accidents and saves money. 20mph limits also create a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians, including children walking to school, the elderly and those with visual disabilities.”

Leader of the Green group of councillors, Eleanor Combley said:

“We know that 70% of  people support 20mph on our busy streets, and now is the time for everyone to make sure you are not a silent majority. We must send the message loud and clear to the Council that road safety is a priority and our 20mph limits must be protected.”

“As a road user, whether on foot, by bike or in a car, I find that 20mph has made our roads safer and more comfortable places to be.  Interestingly, research by UWE found that 20mph has reduced speeds, but made almost no difference to journey times over a longer distance, because drivers in 30mph limits were spending their time accelerating, braking, and idling in queues and almost never driving at a steady 30mph anyway. For the same reason, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) have found 20mph is likely to improve air quality.”

“The high number of deaths on our roads is both unacceptable and avoidable. We know 20mph makes a real difference, so if you want to protect 20mph around your home and across the city please respond to the consultation now.”

Green councillors have also put together guidance on how to respond to the consultation and an explanation of why Greens support 20mph.


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