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Protest vote candidates stand down and pledge support to Green Party

Daniella Radice said to represent only credible left alternativeTwo candidates previously standing in the Bristol mayoral election have backed down and pledged their support to Green party mayoral hopeful Daniella Radice.

Both candidates were standing as independents on a broad wealth inequality agenda.

Craig Clark, founder of the 'state educated party' and former English Democrat stated on twitter:

'I'm backing Daniella if she doesn't mind. And Mrs Mountstephens for PCC. We can all vote female then. Progress.'

Mr 'Corrupt Self-Serving Lying Thieving B'stard', another independent candidate standing as a protest vote, has also made the decision to back the Greens: 'Its obvious to me that they are the only party willing to do the radically new things needed in these unprecedented times,' he tweeted.

Daniella Radice welcomed their support: 'The green manifesto for Bristol lays out many radical yet credible options for supporting vulnerable people in our city and opposing cuts. I represent an alternative to a three party system and a new way of thinking that could see Bristol put environmental and social justice at the heart of every decision that it makes.'

Ms Radice is the only female candidate known to be standing, and her election pledges address a number of women's issues neglected by other parties.

The Green Party nationally supports the 'Citizens Income', a form of benefit which was being widely promoted by Mr B'stard's campaign. The essence of this policy is to pay an income to each citizen raised through taxation, in order to eliminate poverty and unemployment as well as acting as a safety net to enable people to choose their own types and patterns of work. This allows citizens the option of training, education, fulfilling care roles for others while surviving on a subsistence income.

A full version of the Green manifesto for Bristol is available at

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