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Accusations of racism within Bristol City Council

Bristol Green Party notes the articles in the Bristol Post:


We are deeply concerned at the contents of the report and condemn unequivocally any racism taking place within the council. We regard it as completely unacceptable that any officer should feel enabled to behave in a way which is discriminatory, or that any culture of bigotry should be tolerated.


The council-commissioned ‘Review of Bristol City Council’s Equality and Diversity Function’ (Poonia, June 2018) (as yet unpublished) and the LGA peer review (September 2018) both contain various recommendations, which specifically address the issues around equalities and diversity.


We believe the administration should be implementing the recommendations in these report, making them public so that progress against them can be monitored, and urgently addressing the issues raised in the Post article, and will support all appropriate measures to do so.  



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