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Saving Bristol’s scrap

A network of Bristol organisations and local people are putting words into action, working together to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill. Councillors who sit on the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Commission visited Day’s Road recycling centre today to see first-hand how the Bristol Re-use Network are saving re-usable items and materials from being thrown away.  

The network is made up of existing reuse organisations and local people from across Bristol, who are running a pilot, funded by a Bristol 2015 Green Capital grant to salvage items that can be re-used. Items go on to be used in the city through partner organisations such as the Children’s Scrapstore, Re:work, Sofa Project and Bristol Wood Recycling Project.

Nicci Peck, CEO of SOFA Project, said:

“It’s been an amazing pilot project, being able to rescue so many items from going to landfill and directing them to a good cause. Some items are re-sold at market rates to raise money for charity, while others at sold cheaply for families on low incomes. I’m really pleased that SOFA Project has been part of the pilot and I hope this can continue in some form in the future.”

The project will be evaluated once it has concluded next week, and the visiting councillors hope to see reuse incorporated into plans for future recycling facilities, in keeping with the Council’s new Zero Waste strategy, which promotes a circular economy and more reuse for Bristol. Early indications are that the pilot saved money and the value of goods sold exceeds the cost of running the project.

Three members of the Scrutiny Commission plus the Assistant Mayor for Neighbourhoods took part in the visit.

Image: Bristol re-use!What-to-do-with-old-bedding/k47z5/1

Bristol Re-Use network are piloting the scheme:!Rescuing-reusable-items-from-the-tip/k47z5/56af34e10cf268328931d2f1  


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