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Green budget amendment tackles transport and climate crisis
Green Councillors have submitted an amendment to next week’s Council budget meeting to deal with Bristol's gridlocked transport system and boost the Council’s work to tackle the climate emergency.

Rescuing Our Healthcare - with £6 billion per year
We will push the government to prioritise the health and happiness of those in Bristol and across the UK.

Mayor misses third government deadline on Clean Air plan
Today Bristol City Council has missed the third deadline set by national government to submit a plan to clean up Bristol’s air. Green Mayoral candidate Sandy Hore-Ruthven has called for immediate action.

Government steps up legal threat to Bristol Mayor over air quality failures
Greens respond to a letter sent to Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees from the Government’s Minister for Air Quality, which has highlighted once again that Bristol’s current action on air quality is too slow, engagement inadequate, and that options being consulted on currently may not meet minimum standards.

Nine years for breathable air 'not good enough’ - tell the Mayor we need stronger proposals
Green Councillors have called on Bristolians to respond ‘none of the above’ to the council’s clean air consultation, and demanded the Mayor consider new ideas to improve air quality as fast as possible, as well as longer term changes to reduce private car use.

Green Councillor shows flaws in plans for polluting gas plant in heart of Bristol
A Green Party Councillor has hit out at plans to build a gas generator plant in Bristol, raising concerns about high levels of air pollution on a site close to a nursery.

Green Councillors condemn Mayor’s delay on clean air action
After repeatedly missing air quality deadlines set by the national government, Bristol’s Labour administration has gone back to the drawing board. The Council now expects to submit a final clean air plan a full year after the original deadline.

Bristol needs “Clean air, not hot air Mr Mayor”
Bristol Greens have condemned the Mayor of Bristol for his failure to meet a deadline to produce a Clean Air Plan. The plan was supposed to be written by the end of 2018 and Bristol Council was given until 21 February to respond.

Plans for £6m+ a year investment into buses at no cost to the Bristol taxpayer
Green councillors in Bristol and the Green Party Mayoral Candidate for 2020 have put forward an amendment to Bristol City Council’s budget to be discussed at the Council Budget meeting on Tuesday 26th. The amendment proposes a £6.5m annual investment in buses, making them more affordable, improving reliability, speed and numbers of routes, to be funded through a congestion charge on cars from outside the city.

Bristol's Green Lord Mayor to save money, cut pollution with new hybrid car
Green Lord Mayor of Bristol, Cllr Cleo Lake, has a new hybrid car for her Mayoral vehicle after the expiry of the lease on the previous diesel vehicle

Last chance to have your say on “reckless” airport expansion
There is one week left to respond to a public consultation on Bristol Airport’s expansion plans, which closes on 26 January

Government threatens legal action against Bristol Mayor over poor air quality
Government threatens legal action against Bristol Mayor over inaction on poor air quality

Setting the record straight – the Lord Mayor’s car
Green councillors have expressed their disappointment with the tactics of Bristol’s Labour group after an ‘anonymous Labour source’ falsely claimed to the Bristol Post that Green Lord Mayor Cleo Lake had “demanded the purchase of one of the most expensive cars in the world”.

How can a Labour Mayor support airport expansion for the few, not the many?
In light of a new analysis showing that airport expansion disproportionally benefits the wealthiest in society, Green councillor Carla Denyer will ask Bristol’s Mayor to reconcile his contradictory views about climate change and airport expansion.

Bristol Airport carbon targets worthless without roadmap, say Greens
Days before Bristol Airport’s consultation closes, a Green Party councillor has revealed that the Airport has no plan in place for delivering on its carbon goals.

Clean air day marks need for urgent action
Following warnings on Sunday that people in South Bristol should avoid outdoor activities because air pollution levels had reached such heights, Green councillors are calling for urgent action to tackle Bristol’s dangerous air pollution. Today is Clean Air Day where across the country people are uniting to raise awareness of air pollution.

Bristol's MEP condemns ‘Not me Gove’ ‘strategy’ for air pollution
Bristol's Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato has accused Environment Secretary Michael Gove of pointing the finger of blame for the UK’s illegal air quality in every direction but at the government and the chief causes of the problem.

Keeping Bristol’s parks ad-free
At a council meeting on March 20 Bristol Council debated a petition to ‘Keep our parks advertising free’, in response to the Labour administration’s proposals to introduce commercial advertising to Bristol's parks and green spaces. Green Cllr Steve Clarke spoke in response.

Greens bring vote on Arena location to Council meeting
Green Councillors have secured a Council debate and vote on the location of Bristol’s arena at next Tuesday’s Council meeting.

Clean Air Action Plan proposed after years of Green campaigning
At Bristol Council today, the Cabinet approved the development of a Clean Air Action Plan to tackle the illegal levels of air pollution in the city, which has been estimated to contribute to over 300 premature deaths per year.

Green response to the parks and green spaces consultation
Green response to the parks and green spaces consultation

Green councillor objects to Broadmead Car Park plans
Bristol Green Councillor Jerome Thomas has put in a statement to one of the council’s planning committees objecting to the continued presence of a large multi-storey car park in city centre development plans.

Bristol Mayor scraps cross-party cabinet - Green Group Statement
Today, Bristol’s Labour Mayor has decided out of the blue to end the cross-party cabinet, effectively firing Green Cabinet Member Fi Hance and Tory Cabinet Member Claire Hiscott.

New figures show unsafe and illegal air pollution “getting worse” in Bristol
New official government figures submitted to the European Commission, show that the government has failed to make any significant progress in tackling air pollution since a court ordered it to 18 months ago.

Decision on Broadmead redevelopment delayed following opposition from Green councillors
After local campaigners and Green Party councillors successfully highlighted the air pollution and traffic impacts of the proposed development plan, a City Hall planning committee rejected the proposed car park and its access through Brunswick Square.

Green councillors raise alarm over Broadmead expansion plans
Green councillors are concerned about the impact on congestion and air quality of proposed plans to redevelop the Broadmead shopping area in the City Centre.

Green councillor challenges Broadmead parking expansion
At a City Hall cabinet meeting today Councillor Jerome Thomas raised concerns about the environmental and health impacts of the proposed expansion of Cabot Circus at Broadmead, which could include hundreds of additional new car parking spaces.

Diesel cars responsible for 40% of NO2 air pollution in Bristol city centre
Today Bristol City Council released a Cabinet Report on air quality that highlights the extent and concentration of air pollution across Bristol, with Nitrogen Dioxide levels recorded at twice the legal limit in some areas of the city centre. This follows months of work by Green councillors who passed a successful Full Council motion calling for action on clean air in November 2016.

Diesel generator in Bristol rejected due to air pollution concerns
A diesel generator planned for St Philips in Bristol has once again been rejected, this time on appeal. The decision comes after campaigning by local residents and months of campaigning by the local Green Party about the illegal and unsafe levels of air pollution in the city. The opposition to the proposed diesel power plant, which was to be built just a few hundred meters from a primary school, was a key component to the campaigns

Green Cabinet member leads on Clean Air for Bristol
8 months on from a successful Green-led City Council motion on air quality, Green councillors welcomed the Mayor’s report back on the council’s progress towards a Clean Air Zone.

On National Clean Air Day, Greens eagerly await Mayor’s progress report
Green councillors in Bristol today welcome the UK’s first ever National Clean Air Day. It is vital to recognise the importance of clean, breathable air to everyone’s health and wellbeing - air pollution is rapidly becoming known as a silent killer.

Molly Scott Cato welcomes air pollution court case
Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West and the Green Party's parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, is welcoming the latest court action gainst the government over its repeated air pollution failures.

Sharmila Bousa for Bristol North West
A wealth of real work and family experience that will help me listen, care about and represent you as constituents.

Letter: Inaccurate reporting in the Bristol Post
Green Cllr, Carla Denyer has written to the Bristol Post to highlight inaccurate reporting by the paper of Mayor, Marvin Rees' first year in office.

Greens unveil plans to deal with air pollution ‘health emergency’ in Bristol
Molly Scott Cato, MEP for the South West and Green Party parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, was joined by the Green’s co-leader, Caroline Lucas, in Bristol to unveil the Party's plan to tackle air pollution.

Air pollution pledge from Green metro mayor candidate
Green Party candidate, Darren Hall, will today pledge to monitor air quality outside all inner city schools and make the data available to the public, if elected as West of England mayor. Mr Hall will launched the pledge outside Ashley Down School in Bristol, where air pollution is known to breach legal limits.

Greens welcome High Court ruling on air pollution plan
Greens respond to news that the High Court has ordered the government to publish its draft air pollution plan ahead of the June 8th general election

"Shocking disregard of the legal obligation to take action on air pollution"
Responding to news that the government has been ordered back to the high court to explain its last-minute bid to delay publication of the UK’s clean air plan, Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West, said: “I welcome the fact the High Court has called in the government to account for their shocking disregard of the UK’s legal and moral obligation to take action on air pollution. This is a public health issue, not a political one and it is outrageous the Tories are using the general election as an excuse to put the brakes on taking action.

Government misses Air Quality deadlines
The Green Party's Parliamentary candidate for Bristol West and Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, has slammed the 'shocking disregard' for the UK’s air quality crisis as the Government seeks to delay action on tackling air pollution.

Bristol's MEP, Molly Scott Cato, raises alarm over science funding post-Brexit
Ahead of the March for Science, taking place in Bristol and other cities tomorrow, Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West and parliamentary candidate for the Bristol West constituency, said: “I am delighted to join this important march for science in Bristol. The city has a long and proud tradition of scientific leadership and is the world’s largest hub for wildlife film making. The fact that Bristol plays host to a great deal of environmental innovation and jobs was key to Bristol being selected as European Green Capital.

Bristol’s Green MEP welcomes action on air pollution after #Dieselgate inquiry
Bristol’s Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, has today welcomed the demand for action from the European Parliament following an inquiry into the #Dieselgate scandal.

Green councillor calls on colleagues to give up parking perk
Green councillor, Eleanor Combley, is calling on colleagues from all parties to give up their free parking spaces at next week's budget meeting, saying the money saved could be used to support some of the city's most vulnerable instead.

Greens celebrate bus re-connecting Clifton Village and Whiteladies Road
Green councillors are celebrating the announcement that the number 9 bus will re-connect Clifton Village and Whiteladies road, following meetings between local Green councillors and First Bus.

Clean Air Zone commitment by Mayor after Green campaign
Clean Air Zone commitment by Mayor after Green campaign

Bristol’s statues protected against illegal and unsafe air
Campaigners have today given Bristol’s most famous resident’s protective masks against the consistently unsafe and illegal air pollution levels in the city

Thousands sign petition for clean air
Around 4,000 people have signed a 'Let Bristol Breathe' petition over the last week calling on the Mayor to take urgent action to establish a Clean Air Zone in Bristol. The petition will be presented to Full Council on Tuesday this week.

Air pollution briefing
Air pollution briefing

Let Bristol Breathe
Let Bristol Breathe

Air pollution petition
Air pollution petition

Air pollution motion
Air pollution motion

Over half of Bristolians think their health is damaged by air pollution
Over half of Bristolians think their health is damaged by air pollution

Don’t prevent Bristol from running its own bus company
Green councillors have spoken out against Clause 21 of the Bus Service Bill, which would prevent Bristol from setting up its own publicly owned bus company. The bill is currently going through Parliament and includes a controversial clause to prevent councils owning local bus companies.

Put back air pollution monitor in dirtiest part of city
Bristol Green Party are today demanding that the City Council immediately reinstates an air pollution monitor on Rupert Street that has been removed due to MetroBus roadworks.

Controversial St Philips power generator rejected
Bristol’s planning committee have today soundly rejected a controversial planning application for a diesel power generator in St Phillips.

Air Pollution - the problem
The problem

Tell us what you think about air pollution in Bristol
Survey on air quality

The health of Bristol’s children at risk as pupils return to school
As the first full week of the new term begins, thousands of Bristol’s children are having their health put at risk due to high levels of air pollution in the city according to council data highlighted by Bristol’s Green councillors. According to data recorded by the City Council, large areas of Bristol experience levels of air pollution above the legal and safe European limits. These include the sites of numerous primary schools around the city centre and near major roads such as the M32 and A38.

St Philips power generator sent back to the drawing board
Green councillors have welcomed a decision by Bristol’s planning committee to send a controversial planning application for a power generator in St Philips back to the drawing board. Councillor Carla Denyer successfully proposed the deferral due to the concerns raised that the real impacts of the proposal have been understated. These include the need to reassess the dangers of air pollution, particularly on children.

Green Councillor Achievements
Overview of what Green Councillors have been achieving.

Important step towards addressing Bristol’s dirty air
Green councillors have welcomed news that Bristol will receive money to boost the use of electric vehicles, saying this is an important step towards tackling Bristol’s deadly air pollution. The Ultra-Low West programme, which is being finalised in a Bristol City Council Cabinet meeting today, will see Bristol receive £2M of funding over a 5 year period to promote electric vehicles, increase charging points, reduce heavy goods vehicles in the city centre and pilot a clean air zone1.

Mayoral Manifesto 2016 - 10 Key Priorities
Top ten priorities for mayoral candidate Tony Dyer

Cross party support growing for Bristol’s Low Emission Zone
Support for Low emission zone

Mayoral Manifesto 2016 - EU
EU policies for 2016

Greens call for halt to sell off of Ashton Gate land
Green mayoral candidate fears loss of land for Ashton Gate station

Labour and Tories vote against a Clean Air Zone
Labour and Tories today voted against a Green amendment to the Council budget to fund a research and implementation plan for a clear air zone in Bristol.

Cllr Clive Stevens
Clive Stevens, Councillor for Clifton Down

“A new vision for transport is needed” say Greens from across the West of England
Green Party councillors and representatives from across the West of England have come together to submit their joint vision for transport.

“Tory proposals to reduce bus lanes are absurd” say Green Councillors
Green Councillors have slammed proposals made by Conservative councillors to reduce Bristol’s bus lanes.

Joint action needed to tackle Bristol’s dangerous air pollution
Green MEP for the South West Molly Scott Cato visited Bristol this afternoon to discuss the worrying state of the city’s air.

Green Group welcomes poo bus innovation
Bristol Greens have welcomed news that Bristol is to become the first city in the world to get two fleets of so-called poo buses. 130 of the buses, which will be fuelled by bio-methane derived from human waste, are planned to be in service by 2019.

Cllr Stephen Clarke
Stephen Clarke, Councillor for Southville

Natalie Bennett launches final weekend of action in Bristol with call to regulate Buses
These are exciting times for this city. In five days’ time you have the very real opportunity to elect Bristol’s first ever Green MP – Darren Hall.

Darren Hall at Bristol Post hustings
Bristol West candidates debated at Cotham School on Wednesday night in the Bristol Post hustings. Recent polls show momentum is with the Greens. Chair Mike Norton opened by reminding the audience that ‘there are still plenty of undecided voters’ in this tight marginal seat.

10 Minute Interview - Clifton
Rob Telford, councillor for Ashley interviews each candidate for the 2015 local elections in Bristol West. This week - Jerome Thomas for Clifton.

Greens demand retention of pollution monitoring sites
The Green Party is demanding the retention of air pollution monitoring sites in Bristol.

Bristol Green Party Councillors' Statement on Residents' Parking Schemes (RPS)
Bristol Green Party’s policy on Residents' Parking Zones has been to support it when residents are in favour of it. This has not changed.

Windmill Hill
Natasha Clarke and Lisa Stone are the Green candidates in Windmill Hill ward for the May 2020 local elections.

Planning objection to Pring And St Hill Ltd Malago Road Bristol BS3 4JH
Posted Thursday, 2nd Feb 2017 by Charlie Bolton

We dont measure air pollution very well letter to the editor of the Post
Posted Thursday, 26th Jan 2017 by Charlie Bolton

The elephants of austerity
Posted Thursday, 22nd Sep 2016 by Clive Stevens

Letter to the editor Cycling in Amsterdam Reply
Posted Thursday, 27th Feb 2014 by Charlie Bolton

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