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Government steps up legal threat to Bristol Mayor over air quality failures
Greens respond to a letter sent to Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees from the Government’s Minister for Air Quality, which has highlighted once again that Bristol’s current action on air quality is too slow, engagement inadequate, and that options being consulted on currently may not meet minimum standards.

Nine years for breathable air 'not good enough’ - tell the Mayor we need stronger proposals
Green Councillors have called on Bristolians to respond ‘none of the above’ to the council’s clean air consultation, and demanded the Mayor consider new ideas to improve air quality as fast as possible, as well as longer term changes to reduce private car use.

Green Councillor brands Council Air Quality plans "shameful"
At at cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Green Councillors challenged the Labour Mayor's lack of detail and evidence to support new air quality proposals.

Council risking deaths and crime with proposed cuts to drugs programme
A Green Councillor has raised concerns about Council proposals to cut prescription services for vulnerable drug users in Bristol

Mayor refuses to come clean on ex-chief executive pay-off
Green councillors have said they are concerned and frustrated that Bristol's Labour Mayor refused to answer questions at yesterday's Full Council meeting about the controversial pay-off of the Council's ex-chief executive. A report into the severance package found that there was a lack of transparency over the £196,000 pay-off provided. The Mayor refused to answer questions from councillors and the public on why the administration chose to pay the full pay-off and why the payment decision did not go to the HR committee unlike other payments to departing senior officers.

Did Mayor lie about ex-chief executive pay-off?
Greens councillors will be asking the Labour Mayor next week why the Council’s ex-chief executive received a £196,000 severance package, half of which was discretionary, following a report that confirms their concerns over the process used and it’s lack of transparency.

Bristol Greens back return of student climate strike
Thousands of students are expected to strike over climate action once again this Friday 15 March in Bristol. Green councillors welcomed the news and praised young people for putting the Climate Emergency on the agenda.

Green Councillor - Labour incompetence to blame for bin collection delays
Over 200 streets in Bristol were recently impacted by bin and recycling collection delays of as much as two weeks due to the failure of ‘worn-out’ vehicles due to be replaced.

Bristol needs “Clean air, not hot air Mr Mayor”
Bristol Greens have condemned the Mayor of Bristol for his failure to meet a deadline to produce a Clean Air Plan. The plan was supposed to be written by the end of 2018 and Bristol Council was given until 21 February to respond.

Council passes Green motion against ‘cruel and inhumane’ immigration detention
Bristol City Councillors have supported calls for an end to immigration detention today, by adding their voice to the cities supporting the ‘These Walls Must Fall’ campaign.

End Immigration Detention - these walls must fall
Green Councillors have submitted a motion to a coming Full Council meeting (11 December) supporting calls for an end to immigration detention in the UK. The motion, proposed by Green councillor Fi Hance and seconded by Labour councillor Ruth Pickersgill, calls on Bristol’s Mayor to endorse the ‘These Walls Must Fall’ Campaign (1), lobby the UK government, and work with local MPs and other councils to push for changes in immigration law and alternatives to detention.(2)

End immigration detention
Green Councillor for Redland, Fi Hance, will be proposing a motion to Full Council on the 11th December calling for an end to immigration detention to support the 'These Walls Must Fall' campaign:

Time to kick plastic addiction as Green petition to be debated by Council
Thousands of people across Bristol have signed a petition to get rid of unnecessary disposable plastics started by Green Councillor Martin Fodor. The petition has received so much support that it will be debated by all councillors at Full Council. It will also receive a response from the Mayor. The petition calls on the Mayor to take all practical steps to eliminating wasteful plastic across Bristol and has been supported by plastics campaigners across the city. Greens have been campaigning for Bristol to become single-use plastic free for many years, tabling a motion on this in both 2015 and 2016.

Dangerous parking is putting people’s lives at risk
Green councillors are calling for urgent action to help communities who are suffering with dangerous parking problems, particularly in areas adjoining resident parking zones across the City. Greens have tabled a motion to the Full Council meeting taking place on Tuesday 17th July to urge the Mayor to make sure that communities have access to the support they need to sort out these local parking problems.

Greens call for ban on balloon releases
From Bristol 24/7: "Fresh calls have been made to introduce a city-wide ban on people releasing balloons or sky lanterns across Bristol."

Clean Air Action Plan proposed after years of Green campaigning
At Bristol Council today, the Cabinet approved the development of a Clean Air Action Plan to tackle the illegal levels of air pollution in the city, which has been estimated to contribute to over 300 premature deaths per year.

Green Councillors horrified by out of the blue fines to dog walkers
Redland Green Councillors Fi Hance and Martin Fodor have been contacted by a number of residents left upset and distressed after having been issued fines of up to £100 for letting their dogs off the lead on Redland Green. These appear to have been issued by Kingdom, the council’s so-called litter police.

Greens help deliver Council motion on single use drinking cups
Bristol Green councillors say they are delighted after a Full Council motion they worked on to address the environmental impact of ‘single use’ drinking cups has passed with cross party support.

Bristol Mayor scraps cross-party cabinet - Green Group Statement
Today, Bristol’s Labour Mayor has decided out of the blue to end the cross-party cabinet, effectively firing Green Cabinet Member Fi Hance and Tory Cabinet Member Claire Hiscott.

Bristol and South Gloucestershire Students debate Climate Change in City Hall
Over eighty students from Bristol and South Gloucestershire secondary schools are taking the lead in debating the landmark Paris Climate Change Agreement, and discussing with local leaders what more can be done in their area to reduce carbon emissions.

Green Party Cabinet Member represents Bristol at COP23 climate conference
Councillor Fi Hance today attended the annual COP23 climate conference in Bonn and spoke on behalf of Bristol. As Cabinet member for Energy, Cllr Hance was there to represent Bristol at the Climate event and was asked what action the city is taking on climate change.

Going green: Bristol City Council smashes carbon targets
Green Councillor and Bristol City Cabinet member responsible for energy policy, Fi Hance, has today welcomed the news that Bristol City Council is ahead of its targets for reducing its carbon emissions.

New figures show unsafe and illegal air pollution “getting worse” in Bristol
New official government figures submitted to the European Commission, show that the government has failed to make any significant progress in tackling air pollution since a court ordered it to 18 months ago.

Green Cabinet member leads on Clean Air for Bristol
8 months on from a successful Green-led City Council motion on air quality, Green councillors welcomed the Mayor’s report back on the council’s progress towards a Clean Air Zone.

Government misses Air Quality deadlines
The Green Party's Parliamentary candidate for Bristol West and Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, has slammed the 'shocking disregard' for the UK’s air quality crisis as the Government seeks to delay action on tackling air pollution.

Greens oppose Tory tax hike for poorest
At Tuesday's budget meeting at Bristol City Council, the Conservative councillors will table an amendment that, if passed, would result in a large tax hike for some of the poorest in the city. Greens will be there to oppose the Tory amendment.

Cllr Fi Hance, working to connect regional businesses with local food suppliers
Green Cabinet member, Cllr Fi Hance, is working to connect over 100 buyers, catering managers, cooks, producers and suppliers from across the West of England public and private sectors to discuss opportunities for healthy, sustainable and local food procurement.

Council opposes further cuts to NHS
Bristol City Council voted on Tuesday to take a stand against further cuts to the NHS and social care. Green, Labour and Lib Dem councillors put aside political differences to vote for a joint Green and Labour motion opposing the £305 million of cuts to health and social care across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Greens to lead on health and wellbeing across Bristol
Green councillor, Fi Hance has become Bristol’s cabinet member leading on health and wellbeing across Bristol.

Bristol Elects 11 Green Councillors
Bristol elected 11 Green councillors across the city in local elections last week, consolidating their place as the third largest group on the council.

Greens urge dialogue over library dispute
Greens have today called on the Council and Library Assistants to work together to resolve dispute over shift patterns, after Library Assistants announced their intention to strike. In last year’s city-wide consultation, the public fed back they wanted library opening times to change. This has led to changes in shift patterns for Library Assistants.

Green Councillor Achievements
Overview of what Green Councillors have been achieving.

Green politicians’ job share success
Today Green councillors voted for the Green Assistant Mayor on Bristol City Council’s cabinet to be held as a job share. This move will, for the first time, see a cabinet member in one of Britain’s core cities share a job.

Councillors put aside political differences to welcome refugees to Bristol
Bristol Councillors from across the political spectrum came together last night, supporting a motion calling for Bristol to welcome its share of refugees to Bristol.

Green Councillors call on Bristol to welcome its share of refugees
Bristol Green Councillors have added their voice to refugee organisations calling on the Mayor to take immediate action to ensure that Bristol plays its part in welcoming refugees to the city.

Cllr Fi Hance
Fi Hance, Councillor for Redland

Green Party Councillors
We have 11 Green councillors in Bristol, making us the third largest group and 15% of the Council

Bishopston eNews
Ward newsletter from councillors Daniella Radice & Tim Malnick

Ashley e-news November 2011
Ward newsletter from councillor Gus Hoyt

Redland ward is located to the north of the city centre. The ward is bounded by the A4018 to the west and the A38 to the east and contains the community of Redland. We have two Green councillors in Redland: Martin Fodor and Fi Hance.

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