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Standing up to racism in our city – Green Group leader Eleanor Combley responds to claims the National Front will return to Bristol

In response to claims that the 'National Front is back in Bristol', the city's group of Green Party Councillors have responded, with Group Leader Eleanor Combley saying:

"Bristol is more than a tolerant city; it is one that celebrates its diversity. Those that want to divide our communities will always be defeated through the universal and timeless truth that we have more common than that which divides us.

“The far-right, in whichever latest guise they present themselves, offer the same old politics of hate, attempting to pit one part of Bristol against another. All they offer our most marginalised communities is politics based on scapegoating, lies and false hope. They deflect attention away from the corruption, greed and self-interest of the powerful and turn that anger towards the powerless. We cannot and will not accept this, and we know Bristol as a city will not either. Green policies offer a genuine alternative to the broken economic system and the cynical establishment politics which have failed communities around the country.

"As Greens, we won’t shrink from saying that the National Front’s politics are racist, despicable and little more than bullying. Equally, we stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who the far-right target and we will always work politically for a city that supports all its residents. The electoral record shows that this includes beating the far right again and again at the ballot box.”

Eleanor Combley, Green Councillor for Bishopston and Ashley Down and leader of the Green Councillor Group

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