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How many times will the police get away with misusing tasers?

Green Party Councillors have responded with shock and dismay to the news that a man with autism was tasered by police in Bristol. The man was charged with assault, before the case collapsed after his mother submitted CCTV evidence which called into question the police officers’ account of the incident.

Green Party Councillor Cleo Lake who is a leading member of the ‘Justice for Judah’ campaign said: 

“The Green Party is against the casual and increasing use of taser as a weapon of choice. I am disturbed to learn that, along with the ongoing Judah Adunbi case, there has been another incident of excessive and unnecessary use of taser in our city.”

“I am also seriously concerned that the actions of police officers of Avon and Somerset Constabulary fell below best practice and that there appear to have been inconsistencies between accounts given by police officers and CCTV evidence.”

“I applaud the tenacity of the taser victim’s mother who was able to get the CCTV footage in court as evidence, and it is deeply concerning that without it her son may have gone to prison.”  

“I am disappointed with both the IOPC and the constabulary concluding that there is no case of misconduct as this further undermines aspects of the relationship and trust between sections of our community and the police.”

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“Whilst the Constabulary has committed to further training and employing an autism specialist, I have to ask the question how many incidents will they continue to get wrong and get away with getting wrong? How many more years of learning must they do before actually taking responsibility for wrong actions and disciplining accordingly?”

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