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The Campaign Begins: Greens offer a message of hope

Ms Bennett said:

"This general election is the closest in a generation. It's clear that people are sick of business-as-usual politics, and desperate for change.

The Green Party represents a real alternative to the politics and economics espoused by establishment politicians for decades.

Over the next few weeks Green candidates up and down the country will be sharing our message of hope. We'll be the only party offering changes that genuinely reconfigure our economy to work for everyone, not just those at the top. We're the only ones demanding a genuinely public NHS - free from profit making companies. And, of course, we promise the bold steps required to tackle the looming climate crisis.

On May 7th voters have a real choice. Over the coming weeks the Green Party will be fighting in more constituencies than ever, offering people a chance to vote for what they believe in."

The Green Party’s focus today will be in Bristol, where they are hoping to pick up a second MP. Membership of Bristol Green Party recently passed 2,015 – making it 800% larger than it was this time last year – giving the party huge momentum in the local area.

Darren Hall, Green PPC for Bristol West, said:

“Conversations on the doorstep confirm that a substantial number of residents in Bristol West are intending to vote Green. People are realising that tactical voting will not achieve real change.

“For these reasons, we are confident we can win in Bristol West. With just 37 days to go we can see the light at the end of the tunnel - and it’s flickering green.”

Our election launch in Bristol West was covered by Bristol Points West today, viewable for the next 48 hours on iplayer [starting at 5.40]:

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