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The Green Surge!

In the last week, the Bristol Green Party has had a powerful surge in membership of almost 50%.  And, with the national membership total going over 50,000 for the first time, the Green Party now has more members than either Ukip or the Lib Dems.

The rise in the appeal of the Greens has undoubtedly been fanned by recent headlines on leaders' debates.  But the Green parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, Darren Hall, thinks the reason for the increase has more to do with the electorate rejecting the main political arguments, and he thinks voters are trying to find another voice:

"The numbers joining the Green Party are signalling a similar situation to that previously seen in the Scottish referendum. I think people are fed up with the status quo and mainstream politics is in for a shock in May. I am confident that the Green Party can win in Bristol West, especially with this level of support. “ 
(Darren Hall,  Bristol Green Party PPC for Bristol West).

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