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Tony Dyer for Bristol South

Tony Dyer for Bristol South

I’m 55 and married with a daughter. I was born and bred in Hartcliffe, son of a Knowle West housewife and a Bedminster postman. I continue to live in South Bristol (in Ashton Gate) and have a large family spread right across South Bristol – as a result I am interconnected with the area and understand its history and aspirations.

I work cooperatively with the Bristol Green Councillor group and our Mayoral candidate Sandy Hore-Ruthven  on matters pertaining to local government, and with our South West Green MEP Molly Scott Cato on matters pertaining to the EU and Brexit.

After leaving Hartcliffe school in 1981, I initially worked in the construction industry and then reskilled to join the IT training industry where I worked for a local not-for-profit organisation supporting small business start-ups. I was then recruited by the US computer company DEC and worked closely with partners such as Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia, and with key clients in the City of London financial services industry and the UK retail industry.

I have been involved in several grass-roots projects and I have written regularly on economic and political issues, particularly for the independent online newspaper Bristol 24-7.


People in Bristol South need somebody that will stand up for them!

With my background in training, business development and investment in future infrastructure I know how to provide the structure necessary to create decent jobs and the infrastructure needed to encourage and support those jobs.

Year after year, decade after decade, Bristol South misses out on major investment as funding goes elsewhere. We have some of the worse levels of deprivation in the country despite living in one of its most successful cities. Some 30% of children in Bristol South are living in relative poverty with a third of that being caused by housing costs.

If elected I will:

-  Fight to ensure that the people of Bristol South have a final say on whatever deal the Prime Minister gets at the end of the Article 50 negotiations. In short, a ratification referendum with the option to remain in the EU on the table.

-  Fight to ensure that Bristol South receives its fair share of the funding that so often goes elsewhere. Currently Bristol sends some £50m/yr of our business rates away from the city at a time there is increasing deprivation in parts of South Bristol that are desperate for real investment. We need to fight to keep those revenues here in Bristol so we can invest in the future of our city.

-  Work with both the Labour Mayor of Bristol, and the Conservative Metro-Mayor for the West of England. A key aim would be to ensure that the three of us co-operate in whatever way best delivers meaningful progress for Bristol South both now and into the future.

I believe the time is right to initiate a fuller, evidence-based debate about real and sustainable alternatives to the policies that have failed south Bristol in the past, and continue to fail it today.

My key pledges


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