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The campaign is not over!  We hope you can keep up your tremendous efforts by urgently emailing the Secretary of State (the Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP) requesting he ‘call-in’ this application.  Do this via the National Planning Casework Unit, full details on the TRASH website:

In April 2008 Bristol City Council approved Bristol Rovers plans to redevelop their stadium at the Memorial Ground on Filton Avenue, Horfield.

There had been strong opposition to this development from the local community who were concerned about the impact that such a goliath stadium and all it’s associated commercial developments would bring to a space simply not big enough for such redevelopment. Please refer to for more information.

Despite planning approval, works were never commenced and as the expiry date of November 2011 neared, rumours of a sale to Sainsburys were confirmed. To many this initially looked like a relief after years of battling the stadium redevelopment. Sainsburys promised to be a good neighbour and to consult. At a glance the supermarket plans looked appealing, a low build structure with subterranean parking, sound eco-build credentials and promises that the store was well located to draw shoppers on foot, bicycle and public transport.

On close inspection of the planning documents the ugly reality of this development becomes apparent, and a deeply concerned group of local residents -TRASH- have joined together to object on the following grounds:


If you are concerned as we are, then there are a number of things which you can do to support our campaign to STOP this development.



The Bristol Green Party and its members are actively involved in many campaigns across the city and further afield.

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