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“We can’t let Tories price Greens out of elections” Darren Hall

Darren Hall, the Green Party candidate for the West of England Metro Mayoral elections, has condemned the Conservative government’s decision to increase the deposit to stand in the elections by ten-fold – to an unprecedented £5,000.

Responding to the increase Darren Hall launched a grassroots fundraising campaign and as a pledge to support the regional economy, the campaign is using a local platform called “Fundsurfer” that was founded in Bristol.

Commenting Darren said,

“Money should not be an obstacle to democracy. It is simply outrageous that this Conservative government would put such a huge price tag on local democracy. The Conservative Party can rely on big business and rich donors’ whilst the Labour Party collects its money from Trade Union members. By contrast, the Green Party runs on the passion and generosity of thousands of individuals who donate what they can afford.

It is because of this local support that we have seen stunning election results recently, including a huge swing to the Greens in Bristol at the last General Election when I narrowly missed out on winning.”

He continued,

“We can’t let those in power fix the system by pricing the Greens out of the Metro Mayor elections. We have seen his before, for example stopping the Greens taking part in TV debates. People deserve to have a chance to elect a Green Metro Mayor. Every pound donated to this campaign will help us share our strong, positive message for change. The Greens are the only party that will fight for public transport that is operated for people rather than profit. We will campaign for affordable homes that really are affordable. We are also going to challenge the status quo that says we have to rely on London for financial security. We must invest in the local businesses that offer high quality full and part time jobs, not just zero hours contracts.

I know that not everyone can spare money and that for some time is easier to donate and to those people I say come along and join the huge team across the region that are door knocking, delivering leaflets and making the case in their neighbourhoods about why we need a Green Mayor.”

“The establishment are trying to keep us out, but we won’t let them”

 You can donate to Darren's campaign by clicking here >>> 


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