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We support ACORN’s statement on secure homes

Bristol councillor Rob Telford is giving a statement on behalf of the Bristol Green Party at Tuesday’s Full Council meeting. The Easton-based tenants’ rights group ACORN has submitted a statement to the meeting that Cllr Telford has written in support of. 

Statement can be downloaded here (pdf)

ACORN proposes an end to rolling contracts and tenancy fees, which are preventing security of tenancy, good quality housing and strong community relations.

Many tenants, stuck in the private rented sector due to rising house prices, have been exploited by letting agencies, forced to pay extortionate administrative fees with few services in return – leading to a constant fear of eviction, and a vast growth in homelessness across the city.

Rob Telford, Green councillor for Ashley, said:

"I have been working for the past five years, but the extortionate fees that letting agents have insisted on me paying in that time have often forced me into debt and have made it impossible for me to build up savings to go towards a mortgage."

"I have a number of friends of similar age to me who have mortgages, but predominantly because of money that came from elsewhere –family, friends, inheritance, trust funds, etc. – and not predominantly because of their own earning power. Young people shouldn’t need to rely on family and friends for their social security. Financial independence and a safe, secure home are fundamental to a healthy, happy and fulfilled life."

"The Green Party is committed to secure and good quality housing for all."

For more information, contact Rob Telford on 07756-355-547

  • More on ACORN’s campaign can be read here:
  • More information on the Green Party’s housing policies can be found at:
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