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What difference can a Green MP make?

 Never underestimate the power and commitment of an individual voice.

In this beautiful short film along with Darren Hall and Natalie Bennett, I explain how Green MPs can make more of a difference than ever.

All of the evidence suggests that as there won’t be any one single party with an overall majority, the smaller parties are going to have real influence.

People often ask what a single Green MP can really achieve. I think I've been able to show exactly what one MP can do if they really want to. Imagine what we can do with more Green MPs in Parliament.

Whether that’s challenging spending a hundred billion pounds on replacing Trident nuclear weapons or bringing rail back into public ownership or having real ambitious policies to tackle the climate crisis.

Every Green vote across the country will count towards our campaign to reform the UK’s outdated and unfair electoral system.

Until then more and more people are saying: I’m going to vote with my heart. Because unless you start that process, things will never change.

If you want change, all you have to do is vote for it.

Thank you for your support.

Caroline Lucas
​Green Party Candidate for Brighton Pavilion

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