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Will you back Corbyn or constituents, Green MEP asks Labour MPs

Bristol's Green MEP calls out Labour MPs after Corbyn orders MPs to trigger article 50

Molly Scott Cato, the Green MEP for Bristol and the South West has slammed Jeremy Corbyn for saying he will order his MPs to trigger article 50 and has challenged the region’s Labour MPs to defy their leader and support their constituents, who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU.

In all Labour held seats in the South West and in particular Bristol’s four constituencies, the majority of voters backed a remain vote, with 80% in Bristol West voting to keep the UK in the EU; in Exeter, there was a 55% to 45% vote to remain. Molly Scott Cato MEP said:

“Concerned voters across the South West will want to know from their Labour MPs, will they back Corbyn in triggering article 50, or will they back their constituents who overwhelmingly want to maintain the closest possible relationship with the EU?

"The Labour leadership have boxed themselves into a corner. Because they said they would back the triggering of article 50 once Theresa May presented a Brexit plan, they find themselves now supporting a hard Brexit. It is astounding that the Labour Party is willing to agree to begin a process that will see the UK leave the single market and fire the starting gun on a race to the bottom on the workers’ rights, consumer protections and freedom of movement that go with it.

“It is now up to individual Labour MPs to put their constituencies first and defy their leader on triggering article 50. I urge Labour to join the Greens in pressing for assurances that the Conservative government will pursue a plan that protects the UK’s economic interests, safeguards jobs, protects our environment and guarantees we do not enter a race to the bottom on corporate tax rates.

"Triggering a hard Brexit will be highly divisive and destructive. We need to work towards a constructive relationship with our European neighbours.”

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