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WoE housing targets

The West of England spatial plan aims to see 105,000 homes built across the West of England area over the period 2016 to 2036.

While current house building standards are well in excess of some of the drafty older houses in the region, each new home will ADD to the regional carbon footprint. It is difficult to get sensible figures on what a home may add, because of the significant potential and actual variation in energy use in new homes.

Th following table gives the number of households in the West of England area as at 2016.

You can therefore see that the additional houses increase the number by This will increase the total number of households by around 1/5th.

Of course, the additional energy use is not just as a result of the running costs. They are also the embodied energy used in building them, and - implicitly related are the energy implications of transport to and from all thenew homes. There are of course other issues eg where are the local jobs, are there other local facilities and resources, and how healthy are they.

While we ALL UNDERSTAND the need for building the new homes, as things stand, they can present a significant problem in terms of meeting our climate change targets. We need to cut emissions by around half over this time period to be on target to become a zero-carbon city by 2050.

This could be a major opportunity to become a zero-carbon city - by building houses which are highly energy efficient and which generate rather than use energy. The spatial plan COULD reflect this. But at this stage it has no comment to make.

As such, it is simply not good enough.

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