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WoE transport plans

Transport plan

The West of England has produced a Transport vision. If you look at Figure 4.1, you will see that  it makes the following predictions for journeys from 2011 to 2036.

Superfically, cutting the number of journeys by car/van driver's (and passengers) from 65% to 51% is pretty good. If you - however - work out what this means in terms of the actual number of journeys:

The maths shows that the total number of journeys is predicted to reduce from 343,850 to 343,230 - a decrease of just 600 journeys over a 20 year period.

IN climate change terms, over the course of the plan, we need to cut emissions by around half - in order to meet Bristols zero carbon targets (ie being zero carbon by 2050). Whether or not you think this is too slow, is of course up to you. It should be noted, however, that vehicle emissions in the last year are starting to increase (following a drop due to the recession).

You can argue all sorts of things about this - for example we might all convert to electric cars which will all be powered by renewables. But of course, this is just a guess. You can argue that journeys will get longer, because new housing will be spaced further apart. Thus far, the plan makes no attempt to address it in any way.

We take the view, however, that as things stand, this level of ambition is not just poor - it is unacceptable and pathetic. And - given meeting climate change targets is the law of the land, it may even be illegal.

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