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Your Money and Your Life – Free Drop In Event

Have you ever thought about the quality of your money rather than its quantity? Tim Malnick, a sustainability educator, wants people to start thinking about money in a different way. He is organising ‘Your Money and Your Life’ a free drop-in event on Saturday 15th March from 2-5 pm on St Michael’s Church, Pigsty Hill, Gloucester Road.

Tim says,

"There is a growing interest in what happens when people use money in line with the qualities, or values that matter most to them. These benefits are hard to quantify for economists, but very important in determining how we actually feel about life! Here in Bristol we have world leading exemplars and innovative experiments that collectively make it easier for us to use the money we do have for positive effect."

There will be an opportunity to buy Bristol Pounds and then purchase food and drink with them.  Visitors can move their money to an ethical bank account. There will also be films about new approaches to money, artwork and a children’s area (unsupervised).

Participating Organisations include: Bristol £, YourStreet Gift Cards, The Happy City Project, Bristol Credit Union and Triodos Bank. 

Co-incidentally, this event makes an interesting local follow up to Zoe Williams’ article in the Guardian on Saturday:

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